Organized Purchasing For Your Retail Business

The easiest, most convenient way to order and manage purchasing activities across multiple vendors from within one solution

Easy Access To All Suppliers

Access your vendors directly using PairedNote. Do not call, email or go to multiple ecommerce sites to find right product, all of your suppliers at your fingertips.

Organize Your Purchasing Process

Eliminate time consuming paperwork completely and achieve greater accountability for all purchasing related procedures in your store.

Accurate Inventory - No Effort

Inventory quantities and costs are auto-updated in your POS/Inventory management system when you receive orders or send returns to your suppliers.

Return And Manage Defective Inventory

Issue returns directly to your suppliers and get credit, replacement or refund for defective products. Universal return system for all your suppliers

Find Best Price - Save Money Every Time

Information is key! Did you know using PairedNote can help you save money purchasing inventory every time?

When you need to purchase a product, PairedNote automatically searches between your multiple vendors and gives you available pricing to choose from.

Instead of having to go about making inquiries, click a button and make the best purchasing decision that aligns with your business goals.

Keep Track Of Your Money

Keep all your purchasing procedures in one place in a secured online environment. Always know what you are spending, prevent your employees from overpaying, track returns and hold your vendors accountable.

Manage purchase orders, approvals, and the delivery stages of your order. We have been able to build a powerful and user-friendly administrative control panel that is effective regardless of the number of associated suppliers.


All Plans Include a 30 day free trial

$ 22 /Month

Purchasing Manager

  • 500 Staff Members
  • 50000 Vendors

$ 38 /Month

Purchasing Team

  • 500 Staff Members
  • 50000 Vendors

$ 68 /Month

Purchasing Department

  • 500 Staff Members
  • 50000 Vendors

Why choose PairedNote

Cloud Purchasing Software That Small Business Will Love

No implementation cost

No special training or installation to get started with the PairedNote purchasing system. It can be accessed from all devices whether Tablet or PC wherever and anytime.

Works with your existing software

Easily connect PairedNote to your POS or inventory management system and forget about wasting time and effort.

Improved and Effective Communication

Communication with vendors using pairednote is swift and helps you stay organized. All information is in one place, and they are just few clicks away from you.

Easier and more accurate accounting

Organized purchasing and invoicing leads to better accounting. Make better decisions with improved and more accurate financial statements.

Impoved accountability

Simple and organized view of your employee purchasing across all stores or departments.

Easily Address Defective Inventory

Keep track of defective inventory and monitor resolutions for issued returns using PairedNote's dashboard reports. Never incur any losses due to defective inventory.


POS and E-Commerce Integrations

Easy to get started

3 Step process

Apply and Create Account

Enter your email and company name to have your pairednote account created. Once your workplace is created, you will be notified to confirm necessary details.

Add Your Business

Follow easy setup steps to add your company, then set your parameters and connect your existing POS or inventory management system.

Invite Your Suppliers

Add all your suppliers to your private network of vendors and start dealing with them directly. Yes it is that simple!

Start Free Now

No difficult setups or special training demos just apply, start and try